PART A 文意字彙 50%

 1.                                 What is your favorite t      e of movie?

 2.                                 Mr. Taylor is my next-door n        r.

 3.                                 What's your secret to a happy m        e?

 4.                                 The young boys shouted with e      t when they saw the superstar.

 5.                                 His love for her soon f      d away.

 6.                                 As u      l, she didn't answer my letter.

 7.                                 I am c      n that you'll find this website useful.

8.                                   We put many d        s on the Christmas tree.

9.                                   Your income d        s on how much work you do.

10.                                 Rachel believes in God, but Charles does not have a r_______s belief.

11.                                 Father sat down on the sofa and r        for a cup of tea.

12.                                 We spent two weeks ________ (explore) the east coast of Taiwan.

13.                                 As the sun set, the s        of the building became longer.

14.                                 Mr. Richards is a good teacher and we have no d_______ts about his ability to teach.

15.                                 If you want to ask the teacher a question, just r_______e your hand.

16.                                 She has every r_______n to be excited; she's going to a new school.

17.                                 In some c_______es, it is not polite to ask people their age.

18.                                 It was midnight and a full moon was s_______ning brightly in the sky.

19.                                 Many old people in this town still follow a t_______l way of life.

20.                                 Professor Clark is very s_______n so his students are afraid to talk in his class.

21.                                 Sally r_______ed many cards and presents on her birthday.

22.                                 She m_______ried her first husband when she was nineteen years old.

23.                                 I let go of the balloon and watched it r_______e up into the sky.

24.                                 We had a c_______n at our house when Susan and Derek brought their new baby back from the hospital.

25.                                 A person over the age of eighteen should act like an a_______t.

PART B 30%

26.(   ) _______ I had enough money to buy an expensive car, I don't have anywhere to park it.

(A) With that in mind   (B) Feel good about myself   (C) I'll bet   (D) Even if

27.(   ) The teacher _______ the graded test papers to the students.

(A) was held   (B) gave birth   (C) handed out   (D) put on

28.(   ) Maggie and her new boyfriend have a lot _______: that's why they are together.

(A) as important   (B) in common   (C) of problems   (D) by tradition

29.(   ) I don't know _______ how many people will come, but I know it's a lot.

(A) from now on   (B) no doubt   (C) all over   (D) for sure

30.(   ) _______, I'm going to avoid junk food and just eat healthy food.

(A) At the same time   (B) From now on

(C) Here I am   (D) Make up my mind

31.(   ) It's not a real cigar; it's _______ chocolate.

(A) born from   (B) made of   (C) dressed in   (D) put on

32.(   ) Donna _______ a lot _______ with her boyfriend.

(A) dress . . . in   (B) wrap . . . up

(C) turn . . . off   (D) has . . . in common

33.(   ) I can see you like her, so _______ invite her to a movie?

(A) why not   (B) even if   (C) most of all   (D) I'll bet

34.(   ) My father wants me to be successful in life, but _______, he wants me to be happy.

(A) was close to me   (B) keeps coming up   (C) most of all   (D) it is time for

35.(   ) Some students think college life will be a _______ and they can just have fun for four years.

(A) bowl of rice   (B) bed of roses

(C) bag of sugar   (D) bottle of beer

36.(   ) When his son was born, he _______ cigars to all his friends.

(A) gave in   (B) chose from   (C) handed out   (D) put out

37.(   ) We all hope you will _______ at your new school.

(A) leave something behind   (B) get off to a good start

(C) come down with it   (D) with that in mind

38.(   ) The doctors will not know _______ what is wrong with Billy until they do more tests.

(A) no doubt   (B) for sure   (C) left his troubles behind   (D) why not

39.(   ) I was _______ sit down and have my dinner when the doorbell rang.

(A) getting off to a good start   (B) about to

(C) a bed of roses   (D) left it behind

40.(   ) Mr. Williams' _______ is Craig.

(A) punctuation   (B) first name

(C) sentence fragment   (D) last name

Part C J-Horror 21%

單字5% 請寫出其英文












翻譯填充 每格兩分


These movies                                     horror movies made



American horror movies use                        to             the



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