Every one has his or her best friend.

please introduce your best friend to me

you can tell me about your friend's personality, hobbies etc.

by the way, you should write these things as follow:

1. How you became good friends?

2. What's the most impressive thiings between you guys?

you should write your composition using

not only ...but also

so... that.....

the reason for.....

PS. write at least 100 words.


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  • 一忠
  • 作文好難

    who is my best friend? he is Bao-Fat he is so sanguine that we become good friend
    on school opens day He sat behind me so we chat with each other happily and we became a good friend
    To my impressive thing is that he is very humorous
    he always do some imitation for example not only our math teacher--Wu contact three reprove us say 神經病! but also physics teacher-Lin line dragon say hello 好~好~好~ that is why he is so popular in our class
    the reason for we are such a good friend is
    he is so kind we are friend permanently
    he is my best friend
  • 高一忠 23號 曾為凱
  • My best friend , he is a very good person . Think about it while know him originally , seldom talked originally , but we succeed kind friends used for keeping no secrets from each other until now .
    In school , his homework is on me , his homework is not only good , but also the attitude towards study is good .He is so good that everyone like him .
    Why will we become the good friend ? The reason for in order to treat all sincerity.
    I will not speak his name of my best friend ,because has not said that interesting !
  • S1A 37 Beebi
  • 差點忘了作業好險我有來這逛逛

    My best friend is a beautiful woman.She is not only my best friend but also my dear wife.I known her for four years,but we became good friend in second year. Both of us were crazy about a star.We talking about him almost every day.even disagreed because of him.Please wake up ok? he love me.

    Playing with her is really make me happy and entirely open myself.I like to talk her everythings,the reason for I believe her.It's so amazing ! Many times I had not say anything but she has already understand what i want to talk to her.years ago we feel tired of studying all day to prepare the test enter senior.we fight each as relax.It's so exciting!She is so crazy that i love to get along with her.

    We are not only realize each other very much but also have many things in common.I think this kind of best friend maybe doesn't appear second one in my future.She is a BIG GIFT god give for me.
  • Dear Beebi:
    I am amazed by how your composition.
    only a few grammar mistakes that you made.
    your grade is A+

    alina9290035 於 2009/04/01 09:57 回覆

  • S1A 12 Shelin
  • 哈 好晚了 來寫作文=ˇ=

    My best friend is a pretty girl. She is not only beautiful but also a good person. She is so thin that she can eat a lot of food and doesn’t worry about getting fat.
    Why we became good friends? The reason for it is because we go to the same senior high school. We have been known each other since we are in junior high school. But we became the best frinds until we are the senior high student. We live in the school together. And we chat at night. It’s very happy that we chat until we are very tired. Because we live nearly, we always eat snacks and rent comic together.
    The most impressive things between us is that we went to Taipei together. It’s my first experience to go to Taipei without adult. We go to 五分埔 and 市民大道. We bought a lot of cute things from Japan.
    I am happy I have this good friend. =)
  • Dear Shelin:
    focus on this sentence: She is not only...but also...
    you should use adj vs. adj
    not adj vs. np
    so you can rewrite it as she is not only beautiful but also kind.
    the other parts of your composition is ok lo
    your grade is A+

    alina9290035 於 2009/04/01 10:00 回覆

  • 黃薔語
  • 好累好累= =

    She has short black hair.And,she is a smart girl.we became good friend when we are baby. My best friend is my sister. She is not only a good friend but also is my best teacher .Although she is younger than me.She is so smart that can teach me many many things.Beacause her hobby is reading.She always read a lot of books when she has free time.I like her very much.The reason for us that she and I have a lot in common,that's why we can be the best friends each other.
  • 高一忠 瘦花
  • My best friend

    I have many friends that they always care about me very much, I am such a lucky guy, but the most important one, is a boy who named Rick. We both enjoy being Alina's student, remember once someone say Alina's comment, we are very angry about this. We know each other very much, that's why he is the best friend of mine.
  • 大哥
  • 這是我擠破頭想出來的,請勿K我

    My best friend is a cute girl named Shine. She is not only a lovely girl, but also a sweet heart. She is so crazy about a Korean group called 東方神起 that she make me know them increasingly. I have met her since last summer. After that, we became classmate in senior high school. We often go to school by bike on Saturday, and we became good friends. On my birthday, she and my friends asked all my classmates wrote me some sweet words, and pasted them on a big birthday card. When I received it, I was so happy that can’t say a single word. I think the reason for our strong friendship is that we treat each other with a sincere heart.
  • #19 高 一忠  陳建豪
  • My best friend is a handsome boy ,he is not only cool but also a smart person.he is so fun that everyone like to play with him ,why we become good friend? The reason for it is because we like to exercise.In the summer ,we played basketball in i-lan university every day.he liked to study ,but I didn't.so he alawys teached me my homework .I think he is my good friend ,I hopes we are the good friend forever.
  • S1A Alison
  • Friends everywhere,but “ the best“ is not easy to find!Is everyone have?I down know. But I have , really ─ my friend in elementary school.
    She is very quiet and gentle. But why we can become best friend?It's the reason for we have many common interest and tacit. When we together we always have many things to talk. We share other all of things, so we have many secrets.
    Although junior high and senior high, we are not in the same school, but we are best friend , forever!
    Now somebody even say, we are so good, that not only friends, but also like the sisters.
  • S1A EDD
  • Every can also be my firends.But the best one that I spend a lot of time being with is so important for me that I don't want to lose.My best firend is not only considerate but also smarter than every body.When I was sad,"She" always played the good-listening music for me.While I was confused,she would take me some information.She is so kind,isn't she? We recognize each other has been for three years.The reason for our sweet friendship is that she always chatted with me so much until I was tired.Do you really want know who "her" is? OK,I can tell you.It is my computer! I call it Edwin.she is a girl! XD How surprise it is!=ˇ=
  • 聰明的小孩  S1A
  • I has two best friends. They are kind and friendly. One is Daisy who is a smart and cute girl. And the other is Fashion who is a fierce and funny girl. They make me happy and warm. I am lucky with they. SoI hoped that can be the forever friends with them.
  • SIB 林楷齡 6號
  • My best friend is a handsome man .He have a short black hair and so tall. He is not only my best friend but also my dear brother.Why he became my best friend?The reason for it is because the school opens once day we to get on so good.So we became good friend.We grade is soso. But we have to discuss test paper questions.
  • SIB王俊堯14號
  • One could have many friends in his whole life.But my best friend is my junior high school classmate,When I was at junior high school ,wealways played and studied together.His grades might not be very good,but he studied so hard that I really respected him.We always went to libraries together on the weekend.So we developed very firm friendship at that time.Although I seldom meet him now,I believe that we will still be good friends.
  • 高一孝9號陳弘楷
  • My best friend is a handsome man. He have short hair and not very tall. He is interesting. He likes listening to the song very much.We can become the good friend are because we like listening to the song very much.He is not only like listening but also like singing.
    The reason for we can become good friend is our interest will be the same.We together are always playing the idiot.I will not forget this good friend in mine life.

  • SIB 16 高偉豪
  • Who is my good friend? I think is my computer, It is likely my brother also likely is my sweetheart. I may use him to know that more friends, I may write in the network, know many with my same person, also because of like this, I had known an intimate friend, The person understands me very much the person is I thinks the best person, because we have the similar interest, therefore we are the good friends.
  • SIB 07 張翔淳
  • When we talk about best friend, I always will think a person who called Jack. He is my junior high school’s classmate. He is very strong and fun. When I around him, I always have happy mood. Even if, we are not classmate now, we go on keep communicate, I believed we will be best friend fover.
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