Unit 10 Little Penguins 解答(vocabulary)
Class: Name: No.
Part A 40%(每格2分)
1.長凳 2.企鵝 3.觀光客 4.總共 5.公分
6.公斤 7.公里 8.海豚 9.尖尖的 10.巢,窩
11.嫩枝 12.孵蛋h 13.舉止(v.) 14.舉止(n.) 15.模仿(v.)
16.模仿(n.) 17.驚嘆 18.浪漫的 19.關係(n.) 20.男朋友
1. bench 2.penguin 3.tourist 4.altogether 5.centimeter
6. kilogram 7.kilometer 8.dolphin 9.pointed 10.nest
11.twig 12.hatch 13.behave 14.behavior 15.imitate
16. imitation 17.wonder 18.romantic 19.relationship 20.boyfriend
Part B句型與翻譯66%(每格3分)
In summer, the sun sets at about 8 p.m. here,
so you can take your time walking around the town.
2.突然地 suddenly ﹦ all of a sudden.
My uncle always pops in to see us whenever he is in town.
4. 她看起來好瘦,你覺得她有多重?She looks so thin? How much do you think she weights?
5.在夏天,人們喜歡坐在外面和朋友聊天。In the summertime, people enjoy sitting outside, chatting with friends.
The homeless person was searching for food in the street.
7.搜索隊 a search party.
8.那兩個女孩和他們的媽媽一樣迷人The two girls are as attractive as their mom.
9.物以類聚 Birds of a feather flock together.
10.佛要金裝,人要衣裝 Fine feathers make fine birds.
11.Paris是一個迷人的地方Paris is a fascinating place


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