Dear class:

Please write 80 words to tell me who your favorite teacher is.

You can give some descriptions about teacher's character or how he or she influences you.

I'm looking forward to your composition.

Please hand in your assignment before 12/19.

PS:Just write down your "FAVORITE TEACHER" hey hey......












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  • daisy03
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher, Alina. She has big eyes and curly hair. She is an interesting person who teaches us a lot. Because of her, I passed an exam in October. She not only teaches us things on the text books, but also helps us read some English novels. That's why I've improve my English since I was a junior high student. She is actually a good friend to me.
  • Dear Daisy:
    your English writing ability has improved a lot. I am happy that your composition is worthy to read. Next time you can try to use more compound and complex sentences to make your composition more readable.
    Your grade is A

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/15 14:54 回覆

  • 瘋川小工
  • 老師!我打好久!!.....(薔)

    My favorite teather is my math teather.He has a healthy physique,becasue he has esercise everyday.Although my math grade is not so good and usually make him angry.But I think he just has so as to help us.Help our math grade to promote.And he is not cruel always.Sometime,he is interesting kind and cute.Thanks for math teather.I will hard study and be docile to make you happy.Fanilly,I love you,teather!
  • Dear 薔語
    you have to focus on your typing! Notice this words: exercise. Also, what you want to say is that my math teacher has a magnificent physique, not HEALTHY PHYSIQUE. and this structure: although my math grade is not so good, and I usually make him angry. two sentences with two subjects! you just lost the second subject. By the way I do not understand what you mentioned " He just has so to help us"
    however, since this is your first time to write an English composition, i think this is a good try.
    keep study hard and your writing ability will improved a lot.
    your grade is B+

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/15 16:16 回覆

  • Duck
  • I like my Math teacher, Five Connect Three. He is a strong man, and very healthy. Sometimes, he would be very angry when our grade is not good at the exam. Sometimes, he is cuter than anything. But my favorite teacher is not Mr. Five. My favorite teacher is the crazy woman, Alina Lin, she is not only crazy outside, but also in her heart. She has fed the dog food, 寶祿, to her boyfriend. Although she is so crazy, I has been teached by her for three years, and have to be teached by her for another three years. So, I need to adjust to her, and need to like her, or my senior high’s life would be hard.
  • Dear Duck:
    Now i understand who Five connect Three is!
    That's very interesting, and I think you have imagination and you are very creative.
    But you should focus on this sentence: sometimes he is cuter than any OTHER TEACHER, not EVERYTHING.
    She is really crazy that she fed doggy food to her boyfriend who is now her husband. Although she is crazy, I still like her very much. I have been taught by her for past 3 years, and learned a lot from her. Since she is still my homeroom teacher right now, I am going to be taught by her for next 3 years. I think I have to accept her crazy style or I won't have a wonderful senior high school life! As you know, no one likes doggy food!
    your English composition has improved a lot. I can understand what you want to describe in English, keep working hard, I am looking forward it.
    Your grade for this composition is A

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/15 17:05 回覆

  • 高一孝 8號 林楷齡
  • My favorite teacher is my Math teacher. He is very like fish, but he is very nice.Sometimes ,he would be angry when our grade is not good at the test.Sometims,
    he is very high.Becease we are very seriously in class.He would be seriously when take our class homework.Before he is very usually angry.But now he is very nice.Maybe teaches our class.Thank for math teacher.He changes intelligent me.
  • Dear 凱齡:
    You should avoid writing your English composition in Chinese way. Also notice the sentence structure and the grammar parts. Try to use simple sentences to describe your ideas more clearly.
    My favorite teacher is my math teacher. Although his appearance is much like a kind of fish, he is a nice man though. Sometimes he gets very angry when we do not behave ourselves during his class or we don't do good on the tests. However he always encourage us to try our best! By the way, he was serious before, but now he is easy going. Thank you my dear math teacher, I promise you I will not give up math and I will study hard to meet your expectation.
    Your grade is B
    keep workig hard.

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/16 07:56 回覆

  • EDD
  • My favorite teacher is a cute "girl"?? Her name is Fat-lina!! She is a nice teacher. I remember she had ever take our ot fish the shrimp(蝦子)two years ago.It was very fun and it let me relax.In the English class I think she teached so good that I can learn many things about English.And she always treated me something delicious when I was hungry.Since I was a junior high student I had thought she--Fatlina was the greatest English teacher all over the world. (Sorry everyone I lied.I say the wrong things.Don't be serious.Just be fun.In other to get good grade I must say that.)=ˇ=
  • Dear Ed:
    Your composition is very readable. However, you should keep your sentence more clear. Focus on your grammar and tense. Avoid translating in Chinese way. you can improved it by reading more English articles.
    Then I am trying to rewrite your composition and make it meet your original thoughts.
    My English teacher is a cute "girl." Her name is Fat-lina, which comes from her English name Alina. She is a nice teacher. i remember that she took some of my classmates to go shrimping two years ago. It was an interesting experience and I felt relax at that time. During the English classes, I learn a lot from her and she always helps me with English problems. One more thing, she treats me very well. When I am hungry, she always gives me snacks. She is the best teacher to me!
    Your grade is A-

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/15 16:40 回覆

  • 高一孝  22號  楊玓倫
  • My favorite teacher is my science teacher .
    He is very strong because he always just wearing a T-shirt in winter .and he is very funny . you will not want to sleep when you are in his class .
    i like have the science class , although the science teacher always reads mine name wrong .
  • Dear.
    I just wonder who are you talking to? He seems an interesting person and I need you to write some more facts to describe your favorite teacher. You promised me you would rewrite your composition didn't you? I will give you your grade after you send me the new one.
    Thank you

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/17 23:45 回覆

  • 高一孝 18號 陳冠綸
  • In the world ,every student has his favorite teacher,I am no exception,but do you know who my favorite teacher is.I will give you a surprise,my favorite teacher is not a man or a woman ,while it is nature.
    why?Because I receive much knowledge from it.I can communicate with it,then I forget the things make me unhappy,and it gives me rich inspiration in philosophy of life.
  • Dear冠綸:
    I am happy that you do try your best to write this composition and also, your subject is very interesting. You learn a lot from nature and consider that it is the best teacher to you. This made your composition different from others and give me the motivation to read the following. However, just like other classmates, you should notice your grammar and structure of the sentence.
    so, your composition will be corrected as follow:
    Every student has their favorite teacher. I am not an exception. As for me, I take NATURE as my favorite teacher because I learn a lot from it. Every time when I am sad, I always ask help for the beautiful nature scene. By enjoying the view, I can relax and see the bright side of life. That the reason I think the wonder beautiful nature is my favorite teacher.
    Your grade is B+

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/18 00:00 回覆

  • 高一忠02吳文琮
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher She always helps me study my English Fortunately I come across she My English has advanced I am thank her In her class the classroom always is filled with laughing and she teach us very kind and fun She is the best English teacher beacause of her I started like English and I get 96 grades on last exam I am very happy of it thank for Alina thank for she teach a fun Engish
    寫的有點像追悼文 抱歉
  • Dear 文琮:
    I can not understand this sentence: Fortunately, I come across she my English teacher. you may rewrite this sentence and let me know what you want to describe.
    So, I correct the following part: My English has improved because of her, our English classes are always interesting. The reason is that our English teacher uses her special teaching way to let us enjoy learning English.
    I got 96 on my last midterm examination. My English is much better than before. I am so happy to have an English teacher like her.
    Next time you can make your composition longer than this one. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. As you know, practice makes perfect, right?
    Your grade is B+

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/21 23:49 回覆

  • 高一忠28號廖沛涵
  • In the world there are lot of kinds of teacher. Animal,man,nature or something.
    Just who can teach you something or knowledge, your teacher was. My favorite
    teacher was my mom. She taught me lot of knowledge experience of her life. When
    I was young mom took we to other country, travel and increased our experience, let
    We known how big of this world. Very thanks my mom, my lovely teacher.
  • Dear沛涵:
    Your idea is good. However, you should avoid writing your composition with Chinese thinking. So, I am trying to correct your composition as fallow: Who is my favorite teacher? I consider that not only people but also the Nature can be my teacher. Human learn a lot from the Nature since long time ago, that's the reason I always respect everything from our Mother Earth. Except for the Nature, my mom is my favorite teacher. She has taught me a lot since I was little. I remember everything she said to me including her experiences of life and how she sees the colorful world. That influences on me till now.
    I would like to thank my mom because of her patience and kindness. I am so lucky to be her daughter.
    Your grade is B

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/28 21:38 回覆

  • 高一忠13號邱柏翰
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher.My English is not verygood,
    but now my tearcher teaching me the way
    ,my English have a little improvement.
    I am the confidence of the next three years because my teacher's teaching vrey good by me.This is the first time I tried to write in English,
    although my English
    is not good enough,
    but now I'm trying to learn the English
    .Thank my English teacher Alina.
  • Dear 柏翰:
    I can see that you have tried hard to learn English and you have done well in the process of learning English. Also, I can see that your English has improved a lot. By the way, you are just too polite to tell me that your English is not good, because your English is much better than many students. As long as you keep studying hard, I think your English ability will be much better than before.
    I correct your composition as fallow, you have to notice your grammar mistakes.
    My favorite teacher is my English teacher. Although my English is not that good, my teacher always teaches me with patience. And my English has improved little by little. I am so lucky that my English teacher is also my homeroom teacher, which means I am going to be taught by her for next 3 years. I will do my best to learn English and try hard to reach my teacher's expectation.
    Your grade is B+

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/28 21:49 回覆

  • 高一孝 9號 高偉豪 Heigelye
  • My favorite teacher is my math teacher who is like Un-kun fish(安康魚).I’m very thankful for him because he makes me start to like math. He is proud of his. He says his book(講義) is the best. Today I believe what he says because it is the truth, and he is faithful to himself. math is very difficult for me. In junior, I do not like math at all you can even say that “I hate it!” but I want to save my math grade, so now I follow Un-kun fish(安康魚) and do my best. This is students of duty.
  • Dear 偉豪:
    You math teacher influences a lot and makes you start to like math! You should tell him that you thank him a lot, I think he will be very happy when you guys tell him how much you love him.
    Then I am going to correct your composition as fallow:
    My favorite teacher is my math teacher, whose appearance is just like a kind of ancient fish living under the sea. I would like to thank him because he makes me start to like math. By the way, my math teacher also wrote his own teaching material which is very good to all of us. Although math is still a difficult subject to learn, I think I will try my best to deal with it. My math was bad when I was in junior, and I wanna change this situation right now. As I study hard, I think my math ability will improve little by little. Encouraged by my math teacher, I am ready to study hard in math! Just wait and see.
    Your grade is A-

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/28 22:19 回覆

  • 高一孝 1號  王俊堯
  • My favorite teacher is my Math teacher.
    He is very interesting and nice,he teach us very conscientious.So we all like he a lot,when I am a junior high student my math isn't very good and does not like to study,but now I become very like math and studied very hard,so I love my math teacher very much.Thanks for you teach us,and make us happy.
  • SIB 15 陳頤
  • My Favorite Teacher
      After graduating from junior high school, everything is different from before. In the new school, we have to learn new knowledge and make new friends. Of course, we also have to recognize the new teachers.
      I like my new English teacher - Alina . She looks so pretty that I think she is only twenty – five years old. But unexpected, she is already married and has a daughter! In the class, she is very funny and humor. She always makes us happy and forget the vexatious things. We are too lucky to be taught by her. She can say many jokes even a word.
      She is not only an excellent teacher but also a good mother. I like her very much. She is the best teacher that I never seen before.
  • Dear 頤:
    Your composition is amazing!
    Not many grammar mistakes are made. Also, you described your subject very clear.
    I only corrected this section:
    But out of my surprise, she is married and even have a daughter!
    In my opinion, she is such a funny person with a sense of humor. she...We are very lucky to be taught by her.
    Your grade is A+

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/18 00:08 回覆

  • 高一孝27號顏茹旋
  • My favorate teacher is chemistry teacher. When country, my science subjects aspect is very bad, after on high school, after the Mr.Lin teaches chemistry, the progress are many. Mr.Lin is charming the intelligent person, although attends class the way but teaches very much very specially well. In does smiles the amusement which teaches the class to teach well, he is a very fierce teacher, therefore my favorite teacher is chemistry teacher.He is a perfect teacher in my heart.
  • 高一孝2號王翊馨
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher. She always kind of everybody. Sometimes she tells us some about interesting things. Let me love English very much. I love English teacher because teacher is very beautiful and smart. She does not make us so boring. We are love to study English hard. I we can study English very well. Learning English is very helpful to us. English teacher always have vigor.
    English makes me happy.
  • 高一校-3號-王韻筑
  • My favorite teacher is English teacher. Because she is cute. She always talks about some now things to every classmate. Then I know so much. My English teacher is very kind of me. She is a beautiful “girl”. Although my English not good, but she never shout for me. She is so humor, smart, interest, and then she did not give me up.
  • 高一忠23號曾為凱
  • My favorite teacher is my Chinese teacher Mr.Jin Xuan Xu . He has a appearance of making persons laugh heartily . He is a friendly and humorous person . He knows how to care about students’ homework . His individuality is very good , he is easy to get along with the classmate . he will never let the scene be awkwardly silent in the classroom . He don’t scold people , he help the student with the way that will be advised . He is a good teacher , so he is my favorite teacher .
  • 高一孝 13號 許庭瑄
  • Topic: My favorite teacher

    Let me introduce my favorite teacher. She is my science teacher when I was in junior high! There were some reasons that I like her! She was chubby, little bit cute and crazy! When she was teaching the class would be very delightful, easy and full of joy, but the most of important point is her teaching style! That didn’t lost easy but still serious, it was really makes me express! Every morning the day had science class, everyone always looked very energetic. She was never angry, but been very endurable to gave us a conversation. She is a really good teacher, even it’s so hard to have a greeting, but she would live within my heard.
  • 高一孝 魏呈豪
  • My favorite teacher is my chinese teacher,he is my class teacher,he is a hardworking man,while he is single,but he is very nice for everybody,i bless him found a nice girl at an early date,while i always noisy,but he doesn't reporve me,he just enlighten me,i'm very tahnk to him,he teach me now to behave me,i'm so lucky to he makes my teacher,we are pround of him
  • 高一忠14號張家銘
  • My favorite teacher

    My favorite teacher is an English teacher,of course,My favorite subject is a English class.
    because English teacher is interesting,for example,She when attending class will speak someexperienced matter.
    This lets me feel happy,because attends class must look like this appearance,only will then not think bored.
    So,this is I likes English teacher's reason,
  • 高一孝14號陳鈺
  • My favorit teacher is compute teacher who called(老大).He is fun but stupid because he gave us happy during the class.It is very interesting.We learned a lot of computer things.At first.I think computer class is just a plating class but I changed my opinions has a lot of useful way.Although it is noisey but he alaways use a funny way to,let us be quite I still want hirn to be my teaching for the next 3 years
  • 高一孝16號陳友爚
  • My favorit teacher is my PE teacher who can always make us happy.Whan I was in the third-geade of juniour high school,he always played basketball with us to tell the truth,he's always a better plays than us,but he's too old to go fast.Now I'm in the tirst-grade of seniour high,he's still my PE teacher.We always have during the PE class.I love fat 修!
  • 高一孝33號林志謙
  • My favorite teacher

    My favorite teacher is my English teacher, Alina. She is very humorous , and very nice, she often shares her with us at the overseas interesting things, therefore English course each time besides the test, every week I most liked English curriculum In all curricula ,English curriculum is best one, Alina is best in all teachers, everybody likes her very much。
  • 林志傑
  • 高一忠6號林志傑

    My favorite teacher is English teacher. Because the English teacher is my homeroom teacher. The teacher can let me laugh with talking about his funny things in her life, when teacher taught us English. I also like listening to teacher talk some interesting things. Because the teacher said these things we not to know. So we can get some new knowledge. And I would like to this type of class. This way can avoid the curriculum boring. Above-mentioned is why my favorite teacher is English teacher, Alina.
    感覺文法超怪,翻譯起來一定很奇怪= =!!

  • 高一孝25號鄭仲妤
  • My favorite teacher

    My favorite teacher is my English teacher.Alina.She is a young lady and also has good stature.Very difficult to imagine she was already a child's mother.
    Her teaching is very earnest, but is not actually bored.
    In her class she usually tell us interesting thing about she is going a broad in the past.
    She is a humorous person who let learning English became fun.
    she is smart.She is not just good at English and also good accounting.
    She seems to know everything.
  • 高一孝 小番茄
  • To talk about my favorite teacher,it definitely will be my English teacher,Remember when i was in jounior high school,I never payed attention in my English class,and the reason why,is because her class doesn't seems to interest me a lot,and she looks old,and had a bad temper,but the mainly reason is her class is dull and sour,
    Now my English teacher-Alina,she looks pretty and temperament,In her class,we had a lot of fun in learning English Although we chat in class,but it is part of the learning programme.
  • 高一孝 詹惟甯
  • My favorite teacher is English teacher,Because she teaches us very well,I love her English class,she is very beautiful.nice and funny,She tells many stories in the class and have lots teaching experience,she is a nice teacher to everyone and she has sweet smile,
    For this reason,I love English and my lovely English teacher-Alina.
  • 高一孝 5號 沈之詒
  • 高一孝 5號 沈之詒

    My favorite teacher is my English teacher who is very nice and humorous. She teaches very hard. I learned a lot from her. Because of this reason, I'm very interested in studying English. She often shares her studying abroad experience with us in class. I like English class which let me know English is much more important than any other subjects.
    I hope I can go abroad someday and also hope to be an English teacher as well as her in the future. So I have to study hard in order to get good grades in English.
  • #19 高 一忠  陳建豪
  • My favorite teacher is English teacher Alina ,she is the beautiful teacher in my class, she always makes us laugh in the class,she likes talk to something special when we learned English ,Sometimes we get the bed grades in English test but she never angry ,she hopes us learn English well , so we should do our best ,My English teacher is the best English teacher in the world. I hope my English can study well,and take the good grades.
  • 高一孝17號陳弘楷
  • My favorite teacher is English teacher. The English teacher is very nice and interesting. She is very tall. She speaks English the pronunciation to be very standard . She also tell us something interesting thing. English in the life is very practical, therefore English needs to study good. Will have good English teacher English to study very well. I am very luckily run in to you .so my favorite teacher is English teacher.

  • SIA35號賴柔安
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher. Her name is Alina. She is special, beautiful, thin, and tall. She is a hot mother. Her daughter is called “荷包蛋” and is very cute. And her husband is a ‘music man’ but his face is normal. My teacher teaches English is very humor and fascinating .And she is my super star in my heart I thank Alina so much. Because she makes learn English happily and study hard. Thank you my teacher! I will always love you! I hope I can as successful as you.
  • 祐瑄
  • My favorite teacher is my Chinese teacher when I was in junior high. I was changed to be taught by her when I was in grade three.
    At first, I didn’t like her at all. She’s a special teacher that I have never met. Though she’s old, but she behaves like a young man.
    But time past, she changed her image inside my heart. Many incredible thoughts were inside her mind. I just felt she was an interesting person, and she really taught me a lot. Not only from the books, but also from her experience.
    I really thank her a lot!
  • 高一孝7號林書霆
  • 高一孝7號林書霆

    Also grew up a year old ﹐starts my high school life﹒Hoped I can pass an examination in the mind the university﹒
    My favorite teacher is my Chinese teacher﹐and he is our teacher﹒He is an interesting teacher and a friendly teacher﹒
    When we meet the schoolwork the difficulty ﹐and he will help us to explain﹒
    Sometimes he can share with he study experience﹐and say some interesting matters﹒
    Sometimes he gets very angry when we not clever and makes the wrong thing﹒
    Thanks his hard guidance﹒
  • 高一孝19陳彥霖
  • My favorite teacher that teach our class is english teacher.Her name is Alina.
    Sometime she tells us some about interesting thing in the class.
    Let is very love english teacher. She is a young lady and very beautiful.Although I am not good to my lessons,I am like her class.She always attentively teach me.Iam very luckily run in to you.So my favorite teacher is English teacher.
  • 高一孝 11號張翔淳
  • Speaks of teacher who I most like that is certainly my Chinese teacher.
    He is very young and interesting. When he attends class, most of student will have the spirit. When we meet difficult title, he will careful teach us. Even if is outside the schoolwork question, he equally will also do everything possible. Although sometimes he will look like old person the same prolixity, but we knew that he is only for us to good.
  • 高一校6號林佳霖
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher.she is very beautiful and cordial and very nice. She has black hair and white skin and tall.she always share us her story and experience. so class period pass fastly. i'm very love english and always expect to have english lesson ~all of reasons from her.she is my cute english teacher Alina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Dear:
    I just can't understand what do you mean by writing down that symbol.

    alina9290035 於 2008/12/28 21:51 回覆

  • S1A小白
  • Actually,all of the teachers in school is great,but one of the teachers I like most.
    He was my geoscience teacher in junior high school.All of us like his class.Because it's fun and plendid,I was attracted to him.He is not handsome,but the man's glamor very much.
    It's was a pleasant time to learned from him.And it's a happy memory that I'll never forget.I hope he can teach us again in the future.
  • S1B  no.26  盧仔
  • 死了無數個腦細胞打出來的英文作業

    English teacher is a good person, she did not fear that difficult attentively will teach us diligently, she provokes laughter lets attend class humorously will not be bored, although she will go home the schoolwork also to be more than other classes, moreover her test also must be more than other classes, but this will be is good for us, therefore only will then request to be quite many, we must look like English teacher to become the good person.
  • 高一忠12邱如韻
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher, Alina. She has long hair and she is very tall. She is a very interesting teacher. Our class is called her fat穎.Not only she teaches me in the textbook knowledge also to teach me many extracurricular knowledge. When I was sad she always comforts me to give me many opinions. She is my best friend, too. We enjoy every activity with her. Some time ago she had lived a little darling. That little darling is a very lovable girl. Wishes her health joyful growth.
  • S1A陳喻凡
  • My favorite teacher is my computer teacher in junior high school.His eyes are the most beautiful I've ever see.
    He is a
    specical person because he usually tells me that study is not the most important thing,make myself happy is more important than that.
    He teaches and helps me a lot.
  • 高一孝34李宜隆
  • My favorite teacher is my English teacher, Alina. She teaches me English for three years since I was a junior high student. Her lesson is very interesting. And she always tells us her story in her life. She is beautiful and special teacher. She is a teacher who everybody likes. She has a cute baby. Her name is called 荷包蛋. She is heavy than other babies. And her husband is a singer. He is a good husband and good father.
  • 高一忠29劉祖頤
  • My favorite teacher is my chemical teacher.When I see him at first I think he is
    interesting .Although he is not tall and handsomhe is very humor and nice.
    He is never angry with us and he is not only taking a joke also doing silly
    things himself.He always make happy and help me relax pressure. By the way ,he is
    not only a teacher also a perfect World of Warcarft player. His character is the most strongest in our class which is 74 level.At least,he promise to give 100 gold when we online the game.His behavior is exciting me because I am a World of Warcarft beginner.He just like a kid.He have a child heart.Therefore,he can attract these damnable children.Finally,I want to say”you are my favorite teacher”.
  • 高一忠 34  鄭人豪
  • My favorite teacher is our English teacher , Alina. She is beautiful and charming , And I also think she is a funny person , because in her class never bored , Alina always talk something about her interesting life , like her daughter's amusing things . she good to us, Though I not get the good grade of the test, she never anger to me, just tell me study hard for it. Alina is the best teacher of the world. I hope I study English well.
  • 高一忠 瘦花
  • My favorite teacher

    There is a person that influences me a lot and she is also my favorite teacher, Alina. She is a charming lady, she's already married and had one daughter. The reason that she becomes my favorite teacher is that she always told me to study hard, also she encourages me when I failed and disappointed. Her class is always full of happiness, we can share anything with her, she is just like our best friend, and a great teacher to respect
  • 高一孝  22號  楊玓倫
  • My favorite teacher is my science teacher . he is very strong because he always just wearing a T-shirt in wintertime,and he is funny too,you will not want to sleep when you are in his class.I remember that when we just began school,we had not known to each other,in that week, we had five his class,he attends the class every time,but he read mistalenly my name altogether five times,perhaps my name is too special,or the teacher's chinese is not good . although he always reads mine name wrong ,but i still like have his class.
  • 羅元谷
  • My favarite teacher is my English teacher. She is very interesting. She always shares her funny things to us. She has a baby. Her baby is so cute and she is a girl! She always told us that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Ha!Ha! That is so funny! But my English teacher is really pretty. It's ture!!!
  • aleus
  • my favourite teacher is computer teacher mahejabeen.Here are his qualities ......
    teacher knows the subject
    Teacher plans and prepares lessons daily
    Always arrives on time
    Begins and ends class on time
    Expects and encourages students to arrive on time
    Support and concern for students
    Lets students know that he/she cares about their success
    Takes time with students
    Allows for creativity
    Is friendly and courteous
    Is supportive and encouraging
    Is smiling, caring and loving
    Does not miss class
    Is consistent in attitude and dealings with students
    Is always well prepared to teach class
    Treats students with respect
    Does not condescend
    Avoids embarrassing students in class
    Firmness and control
    Is firm in a kind manner
    Avoids tangents in teaching
    Does not play favorites
    Provides personal help
    Takes time to explain concept
    Gives individual attention
    Accepts individual differences
    Employs an effective delivery
    Clarifies for understanding
    Creates a sense of fun with the learning task
    Eliminates bad, irritating and/or distracting habits
    Does not make students lose face
    Avoids criticizing students
    Has high expectations of class members
    Is humble
    Is fair
    Uses variety
    Uses a variety of learning activities
    Allows for spontaneity
    Has a sense of humor; is relaxed
    Use of engaged time
    Sets a good pace and provides for a change of pace
    Avoids engaging students in "busy work"
    Use of text
    Is not a slave to the text
    Uses text as a road map
    Keeps within 1-2 days of the scheduled course outline
    Field trips and other activities
    Applies student experiences to classwork
    Does not always teach from a sitting or leaning position
    Interpersonal relationships with students
    Does not allow students to call him/her by first name
    Does not try to win a popularity contest
    Maintains a healthy teacher-student relationship
    Respects students (remember that sometimes what you think is healthy, fun joking with students may be interpreted by them as disapproval and dislike.)
    Does not allow one or two students to monopolize or dominate the class
    Keeps accurate records of
    Work completed
    Test results