Unit 6 Communicating with signs (vocabulary , words for recognition)
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Part A 60%(每格2分)
1.形象    2.國際的    3.逐漸地    4.增加i (v.)    5.行李箱
6.提及    7.行李(BE)    8.行李(AE)    9.可能地    10.公路
11. 高速公路    12.表示    13.規則(n.)    14.情況    15.窄的
16.石頭    17.區域    18.徘徊    19.不幸地    20.幸運地
21.因此    22.全然地    23.迴轉    24.對面的    25.置物櫃
26.入口    27.出口    28.wonder(中文)    29.依賴    30.交通工具v
1.image    2.international    3.increasingly    4.increase    5.suitcase
6.mention    7.luggage    8.baggage    9.prrobably    10.highway
11.free way    12.indicate    13.regulation    14.situation    15.narrow
16.rock    17.area    18.wander    19.unfortunately    20.fortunately
21.therefore    22.entirely    23.U-turn    24.opposite    25.locker
26.entrance    27.exit    28.懷疑    29.rely    30.vehicle

Part B句型與翻譯45%(每格1.5分)
The road sign   says that Lake Louise is 5 kilometers ahead.
Sorry, we are late—we got caught in rush-hour  traffic.
It is hard to communicate with her. She never listens.
People rely  on the Internet for information more than ever before.
In Chinese culture , a pineapple is a  symbol of successful business.
6.需要是發明之母 Necessary is the mother of  invention.
7.電話卡可以在便利商店買到Telephone cards  are  available at convenience stores.
8.醫生告誡說不要飲酒過量Doctors  warn  against drinking too much  alcohol.
9.海嘯毫無預警的來襲,幾分鐘內催毀了整個城鎮The tsunamis came without  warning and  destroyed the whole town in minutes.
10.一道籬笆將我們和他們的花園分隔開來A fence divides our garden  from  theirs.
11.Joe把生日蛋糕分成八塊Joe divided the birthday cake  into     eight pieces.
12.一隻鹿 a  deer一群鹿a   herd of   deer.
13.取代replace  =take the  place  of.

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