Tag question(現在式)
You can use have you / is it / can’t she etc., at the end of a sentence. These “mini-question” are called tag question.
1.(     )You are a student, (1)are you (2)do you (3) don’t you (4) aren’t you?
2.(     )This is Mike’s bag,(1)isn’t it (2)is it (3)does he (4)doesn’t he?
3.(     )John goes to school by bike,(1)doesn’t he (2) does he (3)is he (4)isn’t he?
4.(     )It is a nice day,(1)isn’t it (2)is it (3)does it (4)doesn’t it?
5.(     )Bill looks happy,(1)does he (2)is he (3)doesn’t he (4)isn’t he?
6.(     )That girl isn’t sweet,(1)isn’t she (2)does she (3)doesn’t she (4)is she
7.(     )That boy does not come from Taiwan,(1)doesn’t he (2)is he (3)does he (4)isn’t he?
8.Those are your books,                                 ?
9.Jack is a good student,                                 ?
10.We can swim very well,                               ?
11.John studies English very hard,                         ?
12.You don’t know his name,                             ?
13.You are not listening,                                 ?
14.Kay doesn’t like her brother,                           ?
15.It isn’t clean,                                        ?

肯定句: ~,n’t +代名詞?  
This is a book, isn’t it?
Miss Lin takes a shower at 7.30, doesn’t she?
This isn’t my book, is it?
They don’t like this book, do they?

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