Unit 5 Happy Days (vocabulary , words for recognition)(Answer)
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Part A 45%(每格1.5分)
1.戲院    2.表演(v.)    3.偷竊(p.p)    4.大廳    5.事件
6.搶匪    7.搶劫(n.)    8.財產    9.威脅    10.暴力(n.)
11.路上交通工具    12.產生    13.引擎    14.肺    15.刺耳的
16.細節    17.特色f    18.耳語    19.沈默的    20.寂靜(n.)
21.可笑的    22.認為s    23.穿過t    24.取代    25.替代物s
26.角色c    27.傳說故事    28.不法之徒    29.修道士    30.亦稱
1.theater    2.perform    3.stolen    4.hall    5.event
6.robber    7.robbery    8.property    9.threat    10.violence
11.vehicle    12.produce    13.engine    14.lung    15.harsh
16.detail    17.feature    18.whisper    19.silent    20.silence
21.rediculous    22.suppose    23.through    24.instead    25.substitute
26.character    27.legend    28.outlaw    29.friar    30.alias

Part B句型與翻譯55%(每格1.5分)
When the singer appeared on the stage, her fans screamed and  shouted her name.
2.你備好所有的台詞了嗎?Have you learned / memorized all your lines?
3.這女孩被逮到偷店裡的CD。The girl was caught stealing CDs from           the store.
4.威廉是個成供的酒商。 William has a successful career as a wine merchant.
5.Daisy弄不清楚自己對Eric的感情。Daisy was confused about her feelings toward Eric.
6.不要問這孩子那麼多的問題,你把他弄糊塗了。Don’t ask the child so many questions—you are confusing him.
7.不要那樣盯著我看,讓我很不自在。Don’t stare at me like that. It makes me uncomfortable.
8.這次的暴風雪據說是百年來最嚴重的。This snowstorm is said to be the worst in a century.
9.你為什麼不回我的信?Why didn’t you reply to my letter?
10.我能代表你們回答嗎?Can I reply for you all?
Look both ways before you walk across the street.= Look both ways before you cross the street.
Mr. Spencer has been coughing and sneezing all day. He must have a cold.
13.請詳細地回答問題Please answer this question in detail .
14.穿過隧道 through the tunnel.        穿過馬路cross the road.
I want to have some juice instead of tea.
16.和上司爭執之後,Victor憤怒的衝出辦公室。After quarreling with his boss, Victor ran out of the office indignantly.



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